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PRODIGY (Promoting the Development of India's Young) is a non-profit organisation working to support the development of children and youth in India who demonstrate high performance or high potential compared to their age-peers. At a conservative estimate of 3% of the population age 3-18 years, the number of gifted children and youngsters is 13 million -- a mind-boggling figure. Given that India is still struggling to provide all its children with basic formal education, gifted education tends to be viewed as a second priority or even as an elitist programme competing for resources with basic education. As well, the diversity of our country in variables such as language, caste, class, rural/urban, culture, and educational background – complicate the task of reaching out to children across the country.

PRODIGY believes that high-ability learners have the same right as all children to appropriate education. Gifted children need opportunities to develop their abilities to the fullest, and these opportunities may be different from those available in the mainstream education system. The need for a gifted education programme for India is particularly acute because, in the lack of a united effort, it is the children from less-privileged backgrounds who suffer: children from resource-poor homes, minorities, rural children, twice-exceptional children, and girls. The programme intends to focus its efforts on these less-advantaged groups.

PRODIGY supports high-ability children by working with them directly; by educating parents, teachers, and educators; and by associating with interested individuals and institutions to expand the outreach and diversify the methodologies of the project.