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Advanced Learning Centres For School Children

Advanced Learning Centres (ALCs) are designed to provide early mentoring to school children demostrating exceptional self-motivation and high learning ability. The programme seeks to nurture them from a young age, and help them grow into responsible, high impact experts.

At ALC, children develop knowledge and skills in a wide range of multi-disciplinary areas, and in-depth ability in their chosen area of interest.

Currently, three Advanced Learning Centres are operational, in Bengaluru and Hyderabad, for students in standards 6th to 8th. Children studying in any school are eligible to apply for participation. For the academic year, 2018-19, students entering Std. 8th can apply at the centres in Bengaluru.


ALC has changed my life a lot. Before it was my parents only, but now I know that there are others whom I can turn to for the best thing to do. I have become more responsible, and can view things from a different angle. My concentration and way of learning have all changed. I had no idea about using my interests and skills in a good and efficient way until I came to ALC. Here I got to meet many others like me... More than anything else, ALC taught me to believe in myself, what I am, what I can do and show that they would help and support me in all possible ways. It is excellent and I feel really different from what I used to be.

- Yashaswini M, Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir


I learn a lot of new things, not only in my area of interest [architecture] but in other fields as well. I has helped me improve my mathematical abilities, concentration and note taking skills. I also know a lot more places than I used to.

- Anupama NR, National Academy for Learning


ALC has helped me a lot. I learnt to track my time and to monitor my body. I have learnt many new things like animation, quantum physics, 3-D modeling, complex problem solving in maths, etc. I am really happy to be a part of ALC. I am praised for this talent in my school.

- Eshwar M, School Vivekananda


ALC has a definitely positive impact on my life. It has, most importantly, helped me keep track of my time and also to take notes efficiently and effectively.

- Akanksha V, Cluny Convent


After attending ALC sessions, I was able to broaden my perspectives on various topics and fields. An introduction to new, abstruse concepts has changed my routine as I am curious to do research on the same. I have gained knowledge, not just in STEM subjects, but geography, history, Sanskrit and philosophy, as we.. I learnt amazing facts about my country as well as the world. Thank you ALC!

- Gayatri K, National Public School


ALC has given me a new perspective, a new view on life. It has made me a more avid learner, hunting and conquering any subject thrown at me. ALC makes sure that I understand it and not mug it. We learned Newton's Laws as if he told it to us directly. Diabetes and hypertension are clearly understood by me. The immune system is better understood, too. Properties of light are also more clear. ALC shows me how to lead life, and is my favourite class. It is a blessing and a gift to be here.

- Anush M, National Academy for Learning






April 2018

The final session for this term at all ALC centres will be on the weekend of April 14th and 15th! ALC will reconvene in June. Happy summer! Enjoy your projects!



October 2017

Advanced Learning Centre start dates:

Silver Oaks International School, Hyderabad: October 7, 2017
Vidyashilp Academy, Bengaluru: October 28, 2017
Silver Oaks International School, Bengaluru: November 4, 2017



September 2017

The following students of grades 6-8 have been selected for the NIAS-supported Advanced Learning Centres in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Congratulations!


Bangalore North ALC: Vidyashilp Academy

Akanksha Vasant
Aadrita Paul
Abhinav Sadras
Adith Senthil
Anupama N. Rao
Anush Makam
Eshwar M.
Gayatri K.
Gayatry K. Sajeev
M. Shiva
Madhura Kumar
Neeil J. Shetty
Rishabh Prashobh
Sai Sreerama
Samiksha J Rao
Shashwath Sunkum
Sristi Sridhara
Varun Ravichandran
Vishnu Sridhar
Yasin Zuhayr

Bangalore South ALC: Silver Oaks International School

Aarush Mehrotra
Abhishek R Shenoy
Anya Chengappa
Arush Vatsal Srivatsa
Disha A.C Kanth
Divyansh Agrawal
Mayank Yadav
Meha Porwal
Mihir Mayank Talati
P. Yathin Machaiah
Rishabh Krishna
Rishi Anand
Sanath B.S.
Sarvesh Chandrasekaran
Shankar Subramaniam
Siddharth Arun
Sneha Vinoth Kumar
Soham Lohakarey
Sri Uma Maheshwari V.
Sriram Udhayakumar
Yahaswini Mathur

Hyderabad ALC: Silver Oaks International School

Akshaya Golla
Akshita L. Emani
Amartya Sai Andra
Bejugam Indupriya
Charan Reddy Y.
Charanjith Reddy A.
Harshini Grandhi
Karun Mongia
Lakshita Yellanki
Leela Nayan K.P.
Manann Sarda
Manas Engineer
Raghav Mithinti
Sai Sanjana Munaga
Sai Soham Venkat Mashetty
Shupratik Bairi
Siva Sainath Reddy B.
Spruha Deo
Sudhanshu Sarugu
Yash Aggarwal




June 2017

As part of the NIAS Gifted Education Program, school children of grades 6, 7 and 8 can develop their proficiencies, at NIAS-supported Advanced Learning Centres.

The program will be conducted for 3 to 4 hours on weekends during the school year.

The following schools are hosting the Advanced Learning Centres:

Bangalore North: Vidyashilp Academy, Bangalore International Airport Road at Jakkur
Bangalore South: Silver Oaks International School, Sarjapur Road
Hyderabad: Silver Oaks Interational School, Bachupally

Children of Std. 6, 7, 8 from any school can participate.

How to apply:

- Download the application here (Bangalore North, Bangalore South, Hyderabad)
- Post or courier the filled-in application form (along with the supporting documents) before July 20, 2017 to:

  Dr. Shalini Dixit
  Asst. Professor
  National Institute of Advanced Studies
  Indian Institute of Science Campus
  Bengaluru 560012

Selection process:

- Shortlisted students will be called for a screening, followed by a personal interaction.

Inside the Advanced Learning Centres

  •  Facilitation by teachers and mentors
  •  Project-based learning
  •  Foundational mastery in key concepts
  •  Peer-oriented enrichment sessions
  •  Skill development in multiple knowledge areas
  •  Expert talks and workshops in science, art and literary topics