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Application Form for Summer-School Instructors







Candidate’s Name:




Experience in Your Area of Expertise (papers published, positions held, independent research work, etc.):


Teaching Experience (if applicable):

Years of Experience:

Standards or Level Taught:

Syllabi Taught:

Subject/s Taught:


Have you previously taught or otherwise worked with gifted children, teens, and/or adults?  Please specify.  (A gifted child is one whose abilities significantly exceed those of other children of the same age.)


Have you previously developed a course to be taught at the secondary-school or college level?


 How will you contribute to the NIAS Gifted Education Summer School?


Name of Course/s You Wish to Teach:


Why will this course interest gifted teenagers?


 How will you incorporate projects, group discussions, and hands-on activities into the delivery of this particular course?



 How will you incorporate lab work, field work, and/or field visits into this course?



 Do you have access to reading material for this course?  (E.g. textbooks, peer-reviewed articles)



What will be the objectives of this course?  What skills and knowledge will students pick up?



What instructional methods and materials do you propose to use?



How will you assess student progress from day-to day?  How will you assess student progress from the beginning to the end of the course?