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Children's Workshops

The NIAS Gifted Education project is conducting a series of children’s workshops in maths and science. Too often in regular classrooms, maths and science (like other subjects) are reduced to a series of isolated lessons to be learnt by rote. We believe it is important to expose children to maths and science in a hands-on format, to allow them to explore concepts and the relationships between concepts via independent or guided explorations.

We conducted our first children’s workshop in mathematics in December 2012. ( View photos here. ) Within the scope of our project, the aims of children’s workshops are:

  1. To provide children with an opportunity to explore familiar concepts in novel settings;
  2. To expose them to challenging problems that require developing a solution, rather than following a predetermined formula;
  3. To observe potentially gifted children at work and to assess their thinking ability;
  4. To develop and field-test enrichment activities suitable for use in Indian classrooms.

To find out about upcoming children’s workshops in your area, go here. To request a children’s workshop in your area, go here. To find out how you can collaborate with us to develop children’s workshops or activities for classroom enrichment, go here