NAGE India


NIAS is located in the northwest corner of the IISc campus. The inside \'dirt road\' from IISc is now blocked, so it\'s easier to come around from outside, through Matikere or else through Ramaiah College complex. If you cut through IISc campus you have to exit the gate into Matikere and come back in through the NIAS main gate.

The NIAS main gate is located next to the back arch (not the front gate) of the Ramaiah College complex, which is the best landmark to reach here.

If you are coming from town (MG Rd etc), go north on Sankey Road up to Mekhri Circle, take a left there on to CV Raman Road. (If you are coming from Jayamahal Road you will go straight at Mekhri Circle, if coming from the airport direction, it\'s a right turn.) Continue down that road to the second signal, which is at CNR Rao Circle. The Main Gate of the IISc campus is on your right (sharp right).

Take a right turn (not the sharp right into the campus) to enter the M.S. Ramaiah Road; continue for about a kilometer till you come to the Ramaiah Circle (first signal after CNR Rao Circle). Take a right turn at that signal and continue down that road; you will be following the IISc campus wall. When you come to a fork in the road, follow the right fork. At the T-junction take another right. Soon you will see the NIAS gate on your right.

You can also tell the driver that you want to go to Matikere; once in the general neighbourhood you can ask for NIAS.

From MG Road it should take about 30 minutes to reach the campus.