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How can I handle the Gifted Students in my school?

To start off, you need to recognise the difference between a gifted child and one who is a good test-taker. Doesn’t Gifted Just Mean Academically Bright ?

A teacher training workshop is a two-day event that orients teachers to basic concepts in giftedness, trains them to identify potentially gifted children in your school, and equips them with skills to manage gifted children in the classroom.

What can you do to promote the identification and nurturance of gifted children in your school? As a first step, you can send your teachers to a Gifted Education teacher training workshop. To find out about upcoming workshops in your area, go here . To request a teacher training workshop or a workshop for school management in your area, go here .

Our teacher training workshops equip teachers with basic knowledge about giftedness, train them to identifying potentially gifted children, and give them the skills and resources to develop enriched lesson plans that can both satisfy the advanced learning needs children, and create the opportunity for children to demonstrate their abilities.