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Nominate a Potentially Gifted Child

You can use this page to nominate a potentially gifted child.

The NIAS Gifted Education project has developed a model of gifted traits observed in Indian children ages 3-12. This model forms the basis of our nomination forms for potentially gifted children: instruments that you can use to observe and tell us about a child you believed may be gifted.

Please note that gifted does not just mean bright; it does not just mean a good student. Not all gifted children are good students, and not all good students are gifted children. Before making a nomination, we encourage you to read about giftedness here [link to FAQ > What is Giftedness?], and to read sample case-profiles of gifted children here [Identifying Gifted Children: An Exercise…]. These pages will give you a good idea of what we mean by a gifted child.

The nomination forms below were developed after intensive observation of gifted children in their natural environments. They are an aid to your own observation of a potentially gifted child. To make your nomination more effective, please take the time to read and understand each item and to provide examples of observed traits wherever possible.


If you are a teacher, access the teacher nomination form:

– for children ages 3-6 here 
– for children ages 7-12 here