NAGE India
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Organization Profile

PRODIGY is anchored at the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore.


 Vision and Mission:

 To develop programmes to identify and nurture the abilities of gifted children and support them by building networks of parents, teachers, educators, professionals, community members, and interested individuals from the government and the private sector and engaging in a sustained dialogue with all stakeholders to impact national policy.



     To develop a gifted education programme for India

  •     To develop resources for gifted children
  •     Build a national network of mentors, and
  •     To create a platform to network and dialogue on gifted education of teachers, parents, educationists, education and research institutes- national and international, and other stakeholders. and engage in a dialogue on gifted education;
  •     To advocate for gifted education in the education system, and to train stakeholders in advocacy.