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I am Akanksha Vasant, a student in Grade 9 at Cluny Convent High School. I love learning new things. I am passionate about reading books, dancing, singing, painting, writing and so much more. I am interested in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, languages, history, geography, civics, literature, sports , nature and a vast variety of other things. I have no clue as to exactly what I want to be. My career choices definitely include being a scientist, a teacher, an artist, an ecologist, a singer, a dancer, an author and the list goes on.

I absolutely adore the ALC sessions and the fact that I happily wake up early every Sunday to attend these classes speaks volumes ( I'm not much of a morning person.) They are extremely useful and I have learnt so much more than I have during my 10+ years at school. I look forward to these sessions during the coming years.