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Teacher Workshops

The NIAS Gifted Education project has been conducting a series of teacher workshops to train teachers in identifying and nurturing gifted children. Teachers are trained in the use of our teacher nomination form : an observation-based instrument you can use to identify potentially gifted children.

Our two-day teacher workshops are currently conducted in English; regional-language workshops are being developed. The workshops introduce participants to the concepts of giftedness and gifted education, address related myths and misbeliefs, and train teachers to use gifted education principles to meet some of the advanced learning needs of gifted children – as well as to enrich the learning experience for all children.

The teacher workshops also serve as a platform for discussion. In the identification and nurturing of gifted children in India, teachers are our most important collaborators. You have firsthand experience of the problems that can arise when the advanced learning needs of gifted children are not met by the regular curriculum. You may also have developed nurturing mechanisms in your schools using accessible materials and strategies. The NIAS Gifted Education teacher training workshops provide participants a platform to share these insights and best practices. This platform is continued after the workshops via the forums [hyperlink to Forums].

The NIAS Gifted Education project views teachers as a vital node for identification. The central objective of the teacher training workshops is to disseminate the teacher nomination form in order to get teachers involved as nodes in the identification of potentially gifted children. Our teacher nomination form was developed after intensive field research in a spectrum of Indian classrooms in order to determine the gifted traits observable in Indian classrooms. It was specifically designed for use by Indian teachers.

This instrument is a first-level screening measure. When you return completed nomination forms to NIAS, we will organise the assessment of children on measures of intelligence and creativity. Following the assessment, the team may undertake case-profiles ( What is a Case-profile ) of some children, and link these children up with relevant resources including a national network of mentors.

NIAS has so far conducted [number] teacher workshops. You can view photos of our teacher workshops in our Photo Gallery( Teacher Workshops ).

If you’d like to find out how to organise a gifted education teacher workshop for your school, please go here ( I want to Organise a Teacher Workshop for My School )

The NIAS Gifted Education research team is looking to get teachers involved in other aspects of the programme. Find out how you can become a teacher trainer, and look up other options for involvement here ( In what ways can I contribute to the programme as a teacher? )