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Wanted: Summer School Course Instructors

The NIAS Gifted Education Programme is looking for instructors to develop and conduct a three-week residential course for secondary-school gifted children in the summer of 2014.  The summer-school will cater to around 15 secondary-school children per course.  Each child will select one course, and we will simultaneously host multiple courses.

We are now accepting applications for the position of Summer-School Instructor.

You should be an expert in any subject-area (preferably PhD holders). We are looking for courses that will interest teenagers (nanotechnology, microbiology, linguistics, journalism, film studies...) and for instructors who keep abreast of cutting-edge developments in their field.

You will have to develop an approximately 90-hour course including:

  • objectives – what skills and knowledge will children learn?
  • structure of the course, including lesson plans
  • activities
  • reading and instructional materials
  • assessment measures. 


The course must be hands-on and allow children to learn through individual projects, group projects, and group discussion.  Lectures should occupy only a small proportion of class-time.

You should ideally have experience teaching or working with teens.  You need to be able to develop and deliver a challenging curriculum to gifted teens; you should be prepared to deal with rapid learners with advanced thinking and questioning skills.  Typically in a workshop of this design catering to gifted children, you will deliver the equivalent of one semester of secondary-school curriculum.  This sounds like a lot: but remember these are very bright young people.  The summer-school is not intended to resemble the content or structure of a typical classroom.

Instructors will receive an honorarium and certificate.

To apply, please fill in the form below and email it before August 15 to

Selected applicants will be invited to an interview (dates TBA).  A one-week workshop will be held to orient instructors in late 2013 at NIAS, Bangalore. 


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