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Wanted: Teacher Trainers

As part of our efforts to education teachers in gifted education, the NIAS Gifted Education Programme has developed a teacher training module delivered as a two-day workshop.  This workshop, designed for a group of 30-40 teachers, introduces participants to the concepts of giftedness and gifted education; addresses myths and misbeliefs about gifted education; orients teachers to the need for identifying and nurturing gifted children; trains teachers in the use of the TNBRS (a behavioral checklist developed by NIAS whereby teachers can identify potentially gifted children); and trains teachers in the basics of implementing gifted education principles in the classroom.


We wish to reach the largest number of teachers possible, with an emphasis on teachers in rural areas, vernacular-medium schools, and schools that cater primarily to disadvantaged children.  To this end, we are recruiting teacher trainers.  Recruitment will be on a per-workshop basis.


The job of a teacher trainer will be as follows.  The NIAS Gifted Education team will guide you through the process:

1)      To identify schools for teacher training workshops.

2)      To shortlist and select participants.

3)      To make arrangements for the workshop including travel and stay arrangements for participants, photocopying materials, and checking the facilities, and liaising with the school.

4)      To liaise with the school; to negotiate workshop cost-sharing between the school and the Gifted Education project fund.

5)      To follow up with participants after the workshop to obtain nominations of potentially gifted children; to encourage participants to communicate with each other and with the research team via the website and online forums.


Interested teacher trainers should preferably be (or have been) teachers themselves.  Alternately, experience in training situations in other contexts is also acceptable.  (Expertise in gifted education is not required.)  Contacts with schools in any part of the country will be very helpful.  Interested trainers must first attend three workshops to get an idea of the process, and to ascertain whether this is something they wish to do. 


NIAS will provide all training material including PowerPoint presentations, scripts, and the training manual.


Trainers will be paid on a per-workshop basis.  Travel costs to and from the venue (if applicable) will be covered up to AC 2nd-class.  Food and accommodation will also be covered to a limited degree.  The costs of the workshop will be shared between the organising school/s, the participants, and the NIAS Gifted Education Programme.


If you are interested in becoming a teacher trainer, apply here.








Candidate’s Name:






Teaching Experience (if applicable):

Years of Experience:

Standards or Level Taught:

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            Type of School (class size, rural/urban):


Do you have any experience training teachers?  Please specify the content of the training, the frequency and duration of the training, and the number of participants.






Our teacher training workshops feature a diverse mix of participants.  Do you have experience interacting with teachers from a wide variety of backgrounds? (in terms of syllabus, government/private school, Montessori/IGCSE/state-board) 






Some teachers believe ‘all children are gifted’ and that therefore gifted education is unnecessary.  How will you handle such participants?






In a group of 35, you find that three participants are very vocal and are not allowing the other participants the opportunity to express their opinions or clarify their doubts.  You try asking the group, ‘What do the others think?’ but this doesn’t work.  How do you handle the situation?





Why do you want to be a gifted education teacher trainer?



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