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The many definitions of giftedness

Giftedness refers to performance or potential at the top of an individual’s age-group. The actual cutoff used varies between programmes and between nations. NAGE-India defines giftedness as performance or potential in the top 3% of age-group for children ages 3-15.

The debate about whether ability is general or specific continues. Some gifted children excel in multiple areas; others show a more narrow range of abilities and interests. The projects under NAGE-India cater to children who show advanced ability in any area. We emphasise mathematics and science: key areas in which basic research in India lags behind.

There has been to date no concerted effort to research giftedness in India, or to implement an integrated, context-appropriate gifted education programme. The member institutes of NAGE-India have been conducting intensive field research to determine the manifestations, correlates, and associated concerns of gifted children in India.

To read about the work of our member institutes in identifying and nurturing gifted children in India, go here [About Us > jump to Project links]. You can explore the rest of this site to find out about our initiatives and how you can contribute.