Academic Year 2024-25: ALC For Schools and Learning Communities

NIAS - EGT General Programme

Hurry! Inviting 15 schools to set up dedicated NIAS Advanced Learning Centers (ALC) for their students, from 2024 onwards. Schools are already registering; we will be closing registrations as soon as we reach the planned capacity of 15 ALCs at private schools.

NIAS Advanced Learning Centers fill the needs of exceptionally quick learners who often get demotivated or feel underchallenged by the regular curriculum.

Such high-ability learners are identified through a rigorous selection protocol developed by the Education for the Gifted and Talented (EGT) group at National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru. The Advanced Learning Center provides curricular support, mentoring and guidance for the cohorts.

Since its inception in 2017, NIAS ALC has become an engrossing learning experience, which students eagerly look forward to. Children typically commence the ALC journey from Grades 6th or 7th onwards, and the mentoring continues for several years, until 12th grade.

Now, schools are invited to set up Advanced Learning Centers so that the gifted learners are supported at the school itself.

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