I used to be very lazy and never used to be focused. I came to know about ALC through my math teacher and I was picked up. Gradually I became more sharp and focused, and I got the habit of tracking time. I learned new things and became more curious to learn more.

- Rishabh K, Deens Academy, Bengaluru

The ALC sessions are the greatest blessings for me this year. It helped me understand many concepts that we don't learn frequently, and got introduced to new ideas. The sessions are filled with fun and learning, and I enjoy them immensely. Concepts that I used to find boring or difficult are now easy and fun. The sessions have also made me more disciplined, more confident, and a lot smarter.

- Sri Uma Maheshwari, Global Indian International School, Bengaluru

Before ALC, my knowledge in different subjects was limited. Now I can connect all the aspects of knowledge and I have lots of insights. I refined the way I think, by making my thinking logical.

- Shankar S, Silver Oaks International School, Bengaluru

After attending ALC sessions, I was able to broaden my perspectives in various topics and fields. Introduction to new concepts has changed my routine as I am curious to do research on the same. I have gained knowledge, not just in STEM subjects, but geography, history, Sanskrit, and philosophy, as well. I have learnt amazing facts about my country as well as the world. Thank you, ALC!

- Gayatri K, National Public School, Bengaluru

ALC has a definitely positive impact on my life. It has, most importantly, helped me keep track of my time and also to take notes efficiently and effectively.

- Akanksha V, Cluny Convent, Bengaluru

ALC has helped me a lot. I learnt to track my time and to monitor my body. I have learnt many new things like animation, quantum physics, 3-D modeling, complex problem solving in maths, etc. I am praised for these talents in my school. I am really happy to be a part of ALC.

- Eshwar M, School Vivekananda, Bengaluru

I learn a lot of new things, not only in my area of interest [architecture] but in other fields as well. It has helped me improve my mathematical abilities, concentration and note taking skills. I also know a lot more places than I used to.

- Anupama N Rao, National Academy for Learning, Bengaluru

ALC has changed my life a lot. Before, it was my parents only, but now I know that there are others whom I can turn to for the best thing to do. I have become more responsible, and can view things from a different angle. My concentration and way of learning have changed. I had no idea about using my interests and skills in a good and efficient way until I came to ALC.

- Yashaswini M, Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir