Most of the workshops are residential as it gives scope for the students to engage with the mentors and peers. The residential workshop also provides opportunity for the students to engage in an activity for a longer duration. It facilitates formal and informal environment for learning. The workshops are organised for all students selected in various programmes and are conceived and coordinated by NIAS-EGT team. The workshops organised under the Advanced Learning Centres (ALC’s), NIAS-MAIYA PRODIGY Fellowship Programme and the NIAS-Gifted Education pool aim to provide a platform to students to engage in areas or topics beyond the regular school curriculum.

These workshops are intended to provide a challenging and enriching environment to the children through which they can cultivate and develop their creative and critical thinking skills. The workshops also include sessions for overall personality development of the child and not limited to the development of children’s cognitive skills. The workshops conduct special sessions to address the socio-emotional needs of gifted and talented children.

In addition, the workshops create spaces for students to meet and interact with established scholars and researchers in different fields. They learn the skills to work independently as well as in groups. The workshops incorporate diverse topics and activities that enable each participant to choose a field of interest and get connected to the mentors in their respective fields. The workshops give a platform to the students to work collaboratively with other students and develop team-building skills. They present their working projects to their peers and seniors to gain relevant feedback. Following are some important workshops that NIAS-EGT organized:

  1. Second Summer workshop for children of Gifted Pool

National Institute of Advanced studies had organized a second summer workshop which was held for 3 days from 11th to 13th of May 2016. The work shop was held for the children who were enrolled for the NIAS- Education for the Gifted & Talented Programme. 35 children and their parents actively participated in the workshop.

  1. Summer Workshop in Collaboration with Agastya International Foundation

NIAS Gifted Education Programme organized its 5th Summer workshop “EXPLORING EXCELLENCE WITH NATURE, SCIENCE, AND ART” in collaboration with Agastya International Foundation from 9th to 11th of May 2017. The workshop was held in Agastya campus, Kuppam

  1. One-week Robotics workshop at NIAS

On May 2017, NIAS organised a week long robotics workshop for the children identified in the EGT pool. The workshop was attended by four children who had shown keen interest in the field of robotics.

  1. One-day Advanced Learning Workshop at NIAS

On 26th January 2018 NIAS conducted a one-day advanced learning workshop for the students from the ALCs. The workshop comprised of presentations in the fields of immunology and 3D designing.

  1. Two Day Residential workshop for the children of NIAS supported ALCs

In May 2018, National Institute of Advanced Studies organized a Two-Day Residential Workshop for the students in the NIAS Supported Advanced Learning Centres

  1. Three Day Screening Workshop for children from urban disadvantaged sections at ALC, Vidyashilp

In order to broaden its horizon, the NIAS- EGT Team has reached out to Parikrma Centre for Learning with the hopes of diversifying the group of students enrolled. On the basis of their performance in the written test, the students were selected for a three-day workshop. The workshop is a part of the screening process, which enables the child as well as the facilitator to engage in an active learning environment.



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