Aarush Mehrotra

Oakridge International School.
Standard: ALC Student since Grade 7th
Location: Bangalore

I am a very organized person and I always prefer going into a situation with a plan ready beforehand. I value honesty and smart work as qualities, and always look for the story behind what I see. My life mantra is “Always look forward, but never forget where you came from.” You can catch my blog at iaarushmehrotra.weebly.com On weekends, I teach French in my community. I recently published my first book, Diary of a Tree (available on Amazon now). My favorite sport is basketball, and I enjoy swimming and cycling. I have achieved the Honorable mention, Best Delegate and Recognition awards at the six MUNs I have attended so far. My other achievements include,being accepted at the STEM U mentoring program and becoming a Young Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Kumon and ASSET Talent Scholar Awards. In all of my 14 years on this planet, ALC and my experience with NIAS have been by far the best thing that has happened to me. The tools I have encountered, such as the time tracker and fresh perspectives on life have had an immeasurable impact on my life. I am currently working on a research related to Disorders of the Adrenaline Gland. (Update: Aarush is currently pursuing BS in Math and Computer Science at University of California - San Diego.)