Vrinda S Girimaji

BASE PU College, Bangalore
MAIYA PRODIGY Fellowship Programme.
Standard: Pre-University
Location: Bangalore

I find Physics, the subject which attempts to explain nature, from the atoms to the universe (and beyond) fascinating. My ambitions are centered around it. More precisely, I want to understand and work on quantum mechanics. I have keen interest in taking up theoretical physics as a profession, and a mentor would unquestionably help me through this career path. The two lectures I presented on the basics of quantum theory made me realize that, if taught well, children of any age can learn to love physics. Hence, I want to give back to society by taking workshops in schools for young children, so that they will appreciate the importance of math and the brilliance of the mysteries of the universe we live in, through physics. Broadening my perception in quantum mechanics, understanding its depths and developing a solid mathematical foundation is essential to furthering my career in this field. A mentor would surely help me achieve my goals, and assist me to delve further into the mysteries of quantum mechanics, some of which have been intriguing humanity for centuries. (Update: Vrinda is currently pursuing BE in Computer Science at PES University. She has also been selected for an internship at Iowa State University, in Quantum Communication.)