Pallavi N B

Sri Vedanta PU College
MAIYA PRODIGY Fellowship Programme.
Standard: None
Location: Bangalore

At the end of the day I just want to be a good person but if we are talking in terms of profession, I want to be an editor at a media house or a university teacher. Why Editor? because then I will be able to regulate information released to the public on some level but teacher because then I will have the ability to share my knowledge, passion, to touch lives and maybe make students see a few things in a different perspective, open minds and hearts to life. Till date I’ve won creative writing competitions in school and I’ve been the anchor for my school annual day and my college freshers’ day. I was the head girl in school wherein my responsibilities included collecting and editing articles for the annual magazine. I write often and read quite a bit, I also have my own blog : www. The nias-maiya prodigy mentoring program will help me understand the subject better and to be able to be kick start my dreams.