Amartya Sai Andra

Silver Oaks International School, Hyderabad
Standard: 7
Location: Hyderabad

I have a passion in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. I am also interested in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Space Objects and Astrophysics etc. I like to visit great people and want to learn from their experiences. I also like to visit places, see nature and also go to fun places like theme parks. My hobbies are playing the keyboard, building various themes with Lego, making Arduino projects, Skating hockey, Swimming, Cycling, Drawing, building various things with cardboard and watching movies. My experience so far in NIAS has been fascinating. In these NIAS classes we have learnt about Vedic Astrology, Economy, Architecture etc. We learn various subjects from various fields, which allowed me to learn new perspectives of how to think. When I grow up, I want to work in the fields of science such as Mathematics, Physics and Astrophysics. And also want to work on my personal interest like being a car Designer, Artist or Pianist.