Parikrama Humanity Foundation, Bangalore
Standard: 8
Location: Bangalore

My aim is to become a general in the INDIAN Navy and help my country grow stronger and maintain peace in country. The subjects I find interesting when I read are Physics, Electronics, Astronomy, Robotics, Quantum Physics, Optics, articles on Wildlife field observations, Architects of historical Buildings-I forget the world around me. When I work on 3D modeling, drawing and robots I feel the happiest. My extracurricular activity are drawing, playing football, construction of robots and participating in skits and also to attend science lectures to sharpen my knowledge. In 2018 I participated in Balanand Art contest 2018 of PrafullaDahanikar Art foundation and won scholarship and good art award. I participated in Robotics Olympiad in Pandharpur, Maharashtra conducted by MIT, VGS. NIAS- ALC is a place for children from various backgrounds who want to learn many things. I am happy to be a part of this program as being here is a privilege. I don’t mind waking up every Sunday because each Sunday is a new experience and wonders wait.