Rishi Nambair

GEAR Innovative International School, Bangalore
Standard: 9
Location: Bangalore

I’m quite interested in Science, and very much interested in the realm of Physics. I also find Algebra to be a rather engaging activity. My hobbies are reading, playing squash and gardening – all mostly solitary pursuits of the contemplative type. I hold an International Rank 1 in the SOF- International English Olympiad. I am also a member of the Junior Academy of the New York Academy of Sciences. I am currently attempting to redesign toothpaste tubes to minimize resource usage.My ALC project, based around one of them, is a study of the viability of growing edible plants using the system of Hydroponics. What is the ALC?It’s an excellent class; one that covers many different topics – from electronics to economics and back again; where we probe the innermost reaches of everything we learn; an amazing place that has educated inspired and supported me in my various endeavors. I am extremely grateful to be in a place like this and I aspire to do the best that is possible with such marvelous opportunities.