Sarvesh Chandrasekaran

Primus Public School, Bangalore
Standard: 9
Location: Bangalore

My goal is to become a geologist or data scientist in an IT company and get promoted to a CEO position.Alternatively, my goal is to become a traveler and take off on a world tour. Social Science is my most favorite subject.I believe Civics and Economics go hand in hand, helping me understand how my country functions. Geography, being my prime interest area, has helped me develop the knowledge about places and the thirst for exploration at the age of four. I still roam around Bangalore frequently travel in public transport. This helps me understand people and places better. I am familiar with the topography of the place and have started a research project on solving traffic problems in Bangalore by analyzing the data around the arterial roads and junctions. I wake up every Saturday morning with a joyous feeling to attend ALC. I have learnt remarkable things at ALC such as history of India and advanced mathematics, which are in turn helping me solve real life problems.