Tejas Bhat

Silver Oaks International School, Hyderabad
Standard: 7
Location: Hyderabad

Science and Math have always interested me. Every part of Mathematics fascinates me. In science, physics and chemistry is what I am interested in. I also like to keep myself updated with the latest technology and current affairs. I go for karate classes, and I have learnt Vedic Mantras in my Summer Vacation. I feel so proud to know my religion better than anyone else by learning Vedic Mantras. I used to even go for chess classes. A few of my achievements are: Gold Medals in IMO, NCO and NSO, International Rank 2nd in IMO, all over India 19th place in Picirql, Got selected for Internationals in Karate and a few more in the list. I have currently not decided my future. I have a lot of options. Yet, I would like to be somewhere in the field of Engineering or Technology.