Aaditri Joshi, 7 years

PNC Cognitio School, Bangalore
NIAS - EGT General Programme
Standard: 2
Location: Bangalore

Aaditri is interested in reading science and mythology. She has widely read the Mahabharata, Bhagwad Geeta, Bhagwadam and also the Greek mythology. She loves to delve in themes and interconnecting the far ends, for example Bhagwadam with science and politics. She observes and questions the texts and the environment related to Theism and atheism, Feminism in history and literature, Politics etc. to which she looks for answers. She is aware of the issues in her immediate environment like her building or playground to National and International Politics which she discusses and looks for solutions. She also loves to read about Science, especially Chemistry and engages in doing and inventing various ideas. Recently she has been working on a magnetic call Bell, solar fan, telephone, safety features for her house etc. She is an avid reader and has been recently involved in reading the stories of Calvin and Hobbes. She wrote a story which got published by Timbaktu. She has also written another story which is based on the changed outcomes of Athens and Spartan war if dealt differently by going through a time machine. She likes to watch movies and analyses them based on her observations and readings. She has also developed interest in cooking and playing piano with which she keeps experimenting. She is a highly sensitive girl who seeks perfection in her work.