Madhura Kumar

Navkis Educational Center
Standard: ALC Student since Grade 7th
Location: Bangalore.

My various co-curricular interests include badminton, swimming, taekwondo, athletics, languages, literature, dancing, writing poems and fictional stories, acting, cooking and many other fun activities. I have been training in Carnatic music for many years and wish to pursue it further. I also enjoy singing and listening to Western music. My passion for Sanskrit has motivated me to take up advanced Sanskrit and scriptural exams. Some of my academic interests include Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Psychology and Human Behavioral Sciences, Philosophy and a few others. I have also received awards from Olympiad, Spell Bee and other institutions. As a young child, I wanted to become a teacher and I still would like to teach part time to children. As of now, I want to go into pure sciences and pursue chemistry. I would also like to write fictional books and plan on starting one soon. Music is also a stream that I would definitely like to pursue. Project: Measuring Noise Pollution I am developing a holistic approach for measuring noise pollution. I use pattern recognition to obtain the differential impacts of transient noise and white noise. I presented my project at IRIS National Fair, and I have been selected as a Broadcom Masters Delegate at the 2019 Intel Science and Engineering Fair to be held in Phoenix, AZ, USA. (Update: Madhura is currently pursuing BE in Chemical Engineering at BMS College of Engineering.)