Eshwar M

Vivekananda School, Bangalore
Standard: Std. 8
Location: Bangalore.

My interests are in 3d modeling,Robotics, Electronics, Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.I like playing volley ball and I am crazy about cars. My aim is to become an IAS and help our country proceed because I see many corrupt politicians and want to set the system right. I recently got qualified for second round of ASSET and got silver scholar medal in the examination. I am currently working on a voice control car and making modifications to it in such a way that it might provide security and help in military purposes. I thought of this, as I was greatly moved by the Pulwama attack. ALC has transformed me by making me strong and knowledgeable in various concepts like the stock markets, mole concepts, Blender and programming. I love the workshops conducted at NIAS too.