Meha Porwal

Silver Oaks International School, Bangalore
Standard: Std. 8
Location: Bangalore.

I love reading science-fiction, fantasy and thriller books. I also like to draw, and I mostly do pencil sketching. I enjoy music and craft. My favorite subjects are Archaeology, Astrophysics, and Architecture, and I wish to have a career in either of these subjects. Apart from these subjects, I also like studying Literature works from different parts of the world. In my spare time, I try to answer different questions about the origins of the universe. I am also good at learning different languages. In the years 2015-2016, I was selected for the intensives programme in my school, in which we did projects and studied concepts of higher levels. In 4th grade I got a scholarship from the school for scoring above 90 percentile in all ASSET tests. Last year, I reached the finals of spell bee, vocabulary bee, and science bee. I am currently working on an Archaeology App – Mysteries of the Past.