Amruta Ajit Patil

Tungal PU College
MAIYA PRODIGY Fellowship Programme.
Standard: None
Location: Jhamakandi

I aim to be an engineer for now. My greater aim, though, is to become an IAS officer. I have always been very perceptive to social issues, and want to bring about social change. I am happy to be one of the awardees of NIAS-Miaya Prodigy fellowship 2018-19. This will help me build my future. I enjoyed the screening process for the fellowship- it was not just another test. In a corner of my heart, I did believe that I would be one of the finalists to be selected for the fellowship, and it turned real. I am thankful. My environment has also been very conducive, for achieving my goals. The only lacuna is in our financial condition. Educational expenditure is always a concern, and the scholarship will really help with that.