Varun Girimaji

BASE PU College, Bangalore
MAIYA PRODIGY Fellowship Programme.
Standard: Pre-University
Location: Bangalore

I am deeply interested in cars and motorcycles and, in the future, hope to work on cars and motorcycles meant for racing and compete with success in the most prestigious international races. Out of my interest, I have read several articles about cars and motorcycles. These articles are about how cars and motorcycles work and about famous racing cars and motorcycles. There is a very large gap, though, between articles written by excited journalists and deeply informative and technical but difficult-to-understand papers which is why it is a challenge to learn from the Internet. This cannonly be overcome by bridging the gap between the physics that we learn in school and articles written about famous cars by popular journalists. My achievements include being selected for the Duke TIP Summer Programme through the Duke TIP Asset Talent Search examination and clearing the Prathama, Dvitiya and Truteeya examinations in Sanskrit conducted by the Sringeri Surasaraswati Sabha. The NIAS-Maiya Prodigy program can guide me as I learn about cars and motorcycles by helping me learn more about them in a focused and structured manner. (Update: Varun is currently pursuing BE in Computer Science at PES University. He has been selected for an internship at Iowa State University, in the area of File Systems.)