Leela Nayan K.P

Silver Oaks International School, Hyderabad
Standard: 7
Location: Hyderabad

My interests are Mathematics and Sciences mainly, also include playing Badminton with my father, Programming with EV3s to design different robots, watching T.V, listening our ancestor’s stories from my mother, watching and reading science-fiction stories, playing movie songs on Piano; keeping myself updated with the latest technology. In future my ambition is to become a Robotic Scientist. A few of my achievements are International Rank 2 in IMO, A hat-trick of gold medals in NCO, IEO silver, NSO gold, power performer of Picirql, NSF math bee champ, Participated in World Robotic Olympiads and my team was awarded 7th place, Asset Talent Search Silver Scholar with a scholarship of ?25000. Completed learning with meaning for three chapters of Srimad Bhagavad Gita and participated in Surya NamaskarYagna conducted by BalaGokulam, Hyderabad, conducted Math and Science Workshops and donated the amount to support my school’s CSR activity as a collective responsibility to Organizations ‘Rural Development Foundation’; ‘NICE – Needy Illiterate Children Education’. I am working on a Fog Warning Chip using Arduino Microcontroller.