Sri Uma

Global Indian International School, Bangalore
Standard: 9
Location: Bangalore

I am interested in Mathematics, Sciences, Language, Literature, History, Civics, Geography, Art, Music, Photography, Tennis, Basketball, Martial Arts, and many more. I want to be an astronaut, a scientist, a chef, a teacher, and many more. I wish to positively reach out and contribute to Earth and Humanity and take us forward in my fields of interest. . I feel opportune to have been part of a cultural exchange program with Swedish students in Ralambshovskolan, Stockholm in 2015.I was also a Finalist in the Google ‘Code to Learn’ Contest, and the State Topper of NSTSE in 2016. In 2017, I travelled to Singapore, to represent my school at the Real World Challenges Convention in the ‘Transformation Turncoat’ Competition, to Noida for GIIS LEAPS, for QUIZUP, a general knowledge quiz. I have participated in three external MUNs and chaired an internal one at my school. I love the ALC sessions, as they are extremely helpful, eye-opening and inspiring, we learn not only academics but also how to keep up a good lifestyle, and we get insights on some of our most puzzling questions taking us one step closer to the answer. I am currently working on an awareness project related to Circadian Rhythm, mainly sleep in Humans.