Akshaya Golla

Silver Oaks International School, Hyderabad
Standard: 7
Location: Hyderabad

My childhood has taught me to respect various cultures and lifestyles of different people.I find the discipline of Anthropology very interesting. My favorite subject is Biology.My strong areas are Math and Science.I find the concept of evolution of languages very interesting but I only speak 2 languages (Telugu and English).Other than academics, I like to pursue classical dance(Bharatanatyam).I like athletics and I’m a sprinter.I’m not much of a video game person,so I like outdoor games and nature much better.I also love listening to music and spending time with family and friends. Ever since my grandfather passed away I always wanted to be an Oncologist.I want to help those families who lost their loved ones because of cancer.I think I can achieve this with the help of ALC.The past year in NIAS has been amazing; I’ve learnt a lot more than I have in my 8 years of schooling.We learnt so much about various disciplines.I hope the next year will be as fun and amazing as this!