Anush Makam

National Academy for Learning, Bangalore
Standard: 7
Location: Bangalore

My hobbies and interests are biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathand Astronomy.I am open to learning about any subject, which I believe is one of my strengths. I plan to be a neurologist in the future because the human brain peaks my interests. When asked why, I reply "The human brain is one of, if not the most mysterious thing in the universe. Unraveling its mysteries will be a rollercoaster and I want to hop in." I love basketball & I have been exploring others like football & taekwondo.I love playing guitar. I love pets & I take care of my dog - Pepper who is a 5-year-old beagle! I find him really cute! My best time is the time I spend with my dad talking about the universe, TV shows like Manifest, The Flash. I love to learn about the physics behind the superheroes. I love to learn through videos & so I hardly read books! I wish to learn some of the Indian languages & I know a bit of Kannada, Hindi & Telugu.My ALC project is onNon - Invasive Method of Screening for Anemia using Doppler studies.