Charanjith Reddy Angadi

Silver Oaks School, Hyderabad
Standard: 8
Location: Hyderabad

I am passionate about learning new and interesting things. I like to spend time learning concepts in subjects like mathematics and sciences. I am an auto enthusiast. My project is a service which aims to transport emergency vehicles easily through heavy traffic. There are many means of achieving it: OCR, Infrared rays and Radio Frequency. A few ideas which keep fascinating me are: 1) intelligent traffic signal in which the directions in which there are more vehicles will be given a green signal for a long time. 2) An air bag for a bike, in which the bike senses instant acceleration or deceleration and then sends the rider into air, opens a parachute and finally rider is safe. 3) A road made up of material which is wasted the most and creates a lot of disturbances. This will reduce the cost as well as pollution. I am provided with many opportunities in NIAS. Every class in NIAS is interesting because it is well balanced with theory and hands on activities. I like learning this way.