Mihir Talati

SilverOaks International School, Bangalore
Standard: 8
Location: Bangalore

My main interests lie in Physics, Mathematics and a bit of Engineering. I am an avid reader and like to learn how things work, especially anything I use frequently or have an interest in, which is why Physics and Engineering appeals to me so much. I've also studied Economics, because I've always wanted to invent or discover something that will have a substantial impact on humanity. I will be an Entrepreneur if I ever have a crazy idea I want to bring to market. To pursue these dreams I've taken up KUMON (for mathematics) and have been accepted into the STEMU program by NYAS. The newest avenue yet, for my learning is being at ALC. ALC has helped me immensely by providing a platform for me to connect with peers and innovate. My current project is an electromagnetic accelerator, colloquially known as a rail gun, an apparatus capable of firing projectiles at incredible speeds.