Sanath B.S

Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidyamandir, Bangalore
Standard: ALC Student since Grade 7th
Location: Bangalore

Physics has captivated my interest throughout my younger days; Quantum Physics enthralls me beyond my own attention. Quantum Physics by Alastair IM Rae, Published by One world Publications has fascinated me and has given answers to a lot of curious questions I have had. One of the latest topics I wish to learn is the topic “Bell’s theorem”. My ALC project revolves around addiction to narcotic substances. ALC has introduced me to many new fields and has equipped me with many skills that are hard to find outside. Balancing academics with ALC has not been easy...but it is not impossible to balance them! At ALC, not only do we learn advanced topics in Math and Science, but we also get to know what is going on around the world. The class has introduced me to ‘time tracking’ which is a very important skill/asset for me. Time tracking has helped me manage my time better by showing me the time I had wasted in the past [around 300 hours in 6 months]. (Update: Sanath is currently pursuing Law at NLSUI.)