Shiva M

Vivekananda School, Bangalore
Standard: 8
Location: Bangalore

I am a person who has a good sense of humor. I have many hobbies, which include drawing, reading novels (especially thrillers), reading the newspaper, playing volleyball, 3-D modeling, and getting to know about cars. My favorite subjects are Mathematics, Chemistry, Sanskrit and History. My aim is to become a cartoonist and an animator. I have had this dream since I was in Grade 1. As a part of my ALC project, I have done an animated advertisement. It was my first venture in 3-D animation. My experience in ALC has been very wonderful. It has changed my Sundays into a day for learning new and interesting topics. I am interested in gaining knowledge in all subjects, including politics, because of ALC, which I once thought, was a boring subject. ALC has brought about a significant change in my life. It has helped me gain a lot of knowledge in subjects, mainly Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The Mathematics that I learnt in ALC helped me win the second place all over India, in the Orchids Junior Ramanujam contest.I am very happy to be a part of ALC and am grateful to our mentor Sudarshan Sir, who has always been our guiding force.