Sristi Sridhara

National public School, Bangalore
Standard: 7
Location: Bangalore

A few of my favorite pastimes are reading about various world issues and criticizing governments all over the world, painting, drawing, reading and photography. Photography along with visiting and connecting with nature is one of my most preferred activities. I’m also a science enthusiast and my favourite topics are black holes, genetic engineering, medical sciences and astronomy. I have recently discovered my immense passion for MUN and debating on any topic. Moreover I also enjoy connecting with people representing various cultures which gives a small insight into the world. My recent achievements have been winning 2nd place in VidyarthiVigyanManthan, getting 3rd place in TOI-NIE painting competition, representing Karnataka in VVM nationals, getting selected for Katha national, winning the second position in a literature festival and getting honorable delegate in my MUN committee. My interests include Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Math. I also like to cycle, sing, skate, draw and paint. My hobbies include reading and 3D Modeling. I have been in ALC for more than a year. ALC gives me an opportunity to learn things I wouldn’t learn in school. It has helped me broaden my perspectives and explore more areas of my interests. I really enjoy going to ALC.