Varun Ravichandran

National Public School, Bangalore
Standard: 8
Location: Bangalore

At school, I enjoy learning Physics, Math, Chemistry and Biology. But what I love most is building and creating structures of various models. Be it symmetry with Contraptions or life size models of monuments in puzzles, I can spend hours on these. The 3-d model building in ALC is thoroughly enjoyable. Another area of interest for me is robotics and I am keen on building working robots using Lego Mindstorms. I find this a good mix of creative skills, programming and fun. My other interests include playing chess, cricket and badminton. I like robotics more than all these activities and my project is also based on it. I have enjoyed learning new concepts and sharing my learning with others in the group. The main idea of ALC which pulls me in is the extra activities like 3D printing, electronics and programming. With all the learning I look forward to attending the ALC classes every week. My current project is ‘To check soil quality and grow crops using a robot’. The main idea of this project was completed as part of WRO 2018.